HDIR-5 Translating Science to Medicine: Targets and Therapeutics

Datum održavanja: 11/8/2018

The 5th Meeting with International Participation

More information

We are pleased to inform you about the HDIR-5: Translating Science to Medicine - Targets and Therapeutics - The 5th Meeting with International Participation, which will be held on November 8-10, 2018 in Hotel International, Zagreb, Croatia.

Scientific programme

Plenary lecturers

  • Anton Berns (Netherlands) [EACR Past President] (sponsored by EACR)
  • Ivan Đikić (Germany)

Invited speakers

  • Fritz Aberger (Austria)
  • Andreja Ambriović-Ristov (Croatia)
  • Igor Aurer (Croatia)
  • Ugo Cavallaro (Italy)
  • Rosa Karlić (Croatia)
  • Hubert Hackl (Austria)
  • Kristijan Ramadan (UK)
  • Natalia Riobo-Del Galdo (UK)
  • Maja Sabol (Croatia)
  • Erik Sahai (UK)
  • Jonathan Sleeman (Germany
  • Peter Zaphiropoulous (Sweden
  • Massimo Zollo (Italy)

Keynote lecture

  • Joseph Slessinger (USA)

Posters and short talks

Participants will have opportunity to present their research during poster session. Ten abstracts will be selected for short talks.